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Are you still stuck in the days of using a plastic cutting board? One that really won't do you any good when it's time to serve an Instagram-worthy charcuterie spread at your next wine and cheese party? Time to graduate to the sophistication of a beautiful, natural wooden board - trust us, it's a worthwhile upgrade for both function and style! 🤩

Custom lasered engravings are available for an additional charge of $15

Currently available in recently salvaged Toronto maple, ash, tree of heaven, honey locust, black locust and many more.  Let us know if you have a preference. 

Standard pricing size is:

 Length Width Thickness
16-18" 10-14" 1.25"


Everything can be customized so connect with us if you are searching for a particular colour, species, or area of origin 😁

Turn around time is 1 week for custom. 

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