The Nature Table

Just Be Woodsy Inc

Made by nature, by trees we know right here in downtown Toronto 😀.

Introducing our first line of Nature Tables featuring The Silver Maple 😍 These live edge single slab tables are built to last and are sure to inspire with their fascinating figure.

Perfect for condos with their 5' long x 38" wide size.  Gather round one and find joy in having a piece of Toronto's Urban Forest inside your space 👌

Our line of Silver Maples will soon be followed by recently salvaged Toronto White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash, Tree of Heaven, Norway Maple and Black Walnut.  

Everything can be customized so connect with us if you are searching for a particular Nature Table, be it size, colour, species of wood, or area of origin 📍 That's right - if you see a tree with an orange dot in your neighbourhood let us know, we can salvage it for you.   

Turn around time is typically 3-6 weeks but depends on material selection :) 

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