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Our Loose Parts Kits are already being used for nature play by kids throughout Toronto through partnerships with Evergreen Brickworks and Toronto schools. 

Designed to help this generation connect with nature and let their imagination run wild.  

There are three Sizes: Small, Regular and Large & two Types: Nature's Kit and Builder's Kit.  Toggle between them to choose what fits best for your kids, your community, or your school 😄

    Builder's Kit: This kit includes blocks and has more sticks

     Blocks Cookies Planks Sticks
    Small 10 10 4 10
    Regular 20 15 10 25
    Large 40 40 20 50

    Nature's Kit:
    All items are made by nature and includes stumps

     Stumps Cookies Planks Sticks
    Small 2 12 7 8
    Regular 4 20 15 15
    Large 6 50 30 40


    Comes in a variety of different Toronto Wood species.  


    Everything can be customized so connect with us if you are searching for a particular colour, species, or area of origin 😁

    Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks.

    May the forest be with you 🌳🌲

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