Workshop - make a board, shelf or coatrack


The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to be in the woodworking environment and to make something beautiful from local trees.  It will provide you the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of urban wood with Just be Woodsy. The workshop will be comprised of the following elements:

  • Workspace tour 
  • Learning about the making process 
  • Material selection and board, shelf or coatrack making

By the end of the workshop, participants will be taking home a beautiful  piece of wood made from fallen trees in Toronto.

The cost of the workshop is $45 initially and then depending on what you choose, has add-ons.  For example, depending the size of board, shelf or coatrack, it can cost between $45-200.   

  • Boards are between $45-$90
  • Shelves $90-$150
  • Coatracks $150-$200

More workshops coming soon!  If interested please message use the connect page to email us directly :) 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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"Best birthday gift ever!"

We purchased two places in the Board or Coaster Making workshop as a birthday gift for our daughter and a friend. Both women were over the moon with the experience and the charcuterie boards they came away with. I think it is probably one of the best gifts we have ever found for our daughter who loves camping, hiking, making and is environmentally conscientious. I am now retired, but this workshop would also make for a great team building experience for a company's employees. Kudos to Just Be Woodsy for such an innovative way of engaging the public and reaching out to their community. And last but not least, I don't live in Toronto and really appreciated the timely responses and thorough explanations to the questions I posed via email. Thank you Robert!

Fantastic Beginner-Friendly Workshop

Led by the friendly and welcoming team at Just Be Woodsy, the community workshop is a really fantastic experience for anyone with interest in the lifecycle of felled trees in the Toronto area, and/or the woodworking process. Very beginner friendly, with instruction and safety equipment provided, the workshop provides a really nice combination of verbal discussion and hands-on learning. Producing your own beautiful piece by the end of the workshop is a really satisfying way to tie it all together! Would absolutely recommend anyone reading this review to give it a chance and attend!

Good and personal

The owners and staff were right there with us sharing their expertise, always available to answer questions and lend a hand if requested. It was satisfying to start with a piece of lumber and go through all the steps to turn it into something display-worthy, especially when you rub the wax on and see the wood grain pop.

Great workshop!

Had a great time and learned a ton about woodworking. Everyone there was really friendly and helpful in learning the craft. And of course, the cutting board I made turned out great and I love that I made it myself.

Great Workshop!

I highly recommend the workshop! It was a great experience, starting with an introduction of how the lumber was sourced locally along with a tour of the workspace. We each chose from a stash of varying wood types, shapes, and sizes. It was fascinating to hear of the origins of each piece, and how the growth and decay of the tree led to the unique patterns on the wood. The staff were very approachable and knowledgeable, offering tips and ideas throughout the crafting process. It was great fun seeing everyone focus on their work, and witnessing the evolution of each piece of wood into a completed board. A special shoutout to John for all his help!


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